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A few things to remember....


Greyhounds are without doubt wonderful companions. As with any breed of dog they have their own individual personalities but we reckon they are amongst the most affectionate, funny and charismatic of dogs.


Many former racing greyhounds are in need of a forever home. While the industry offers what many see as a 'token gesture' attempt at finding homes for 'retired' greyounds (better described as rescued greyhounds), a huge proportion are either sold on for breeding purposes, exported to countries with even worse animal welfare than where they came from, sold for vivisection purposes, advertised 'free to good home' (and we should all know by now what that can and often does lead to), or in MANY cases, simply destroyed (often inhumanely to save money). 


Thankfully there are many amazing rescue groups out there... some are affiliated to the industry and many more are not. Either way, the bottom line is THESE USED AND ABUSED DOGS NEED HOMES and the people who are looking after them in the interim are doing excellent work. 


BUT, if the greyhound racing industry didn't purposefully overbreed these dogs, and if all of the owners who claim to love their dogs actually kept them beyond 'retirement', then there wouldn't be such an overwhelming need to find homes, the rescues wouldn't be overflowing, and emaciated greyhounds would not end up in council dog pounds in the first place.  And remember, this is without taking into account the young dogs that are never even registered to race. They are quite simply culled...  natural wastage in the industry's eyes :(



Anyway.... back to the theme of sofa seekers....  those lucky few who made it through, escaped the industry, and are desperately seeking sofas....   

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