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Current petitions - please sign

Please note, the petitions have not been set up by us, we're simply sharing them in one place

Ban greyhound racing in the UK

Make it compulsory for the GBGB to publish injury figures

'Ban the Bolt'.  Abolish the use of the captive bolt gun to destroy greyhounds in the UK

Groupon - please stop promoting the greyhound racing industry

Wowcher - please stop promoting the greyhound racing industry

Shut down the Canidrome, the world's deadliest greyhound racetrack.

Stop the export of Irish greyhounds to China

Argentina is close to BANNING commercial greyhound racing. Please sign petition urging the President and the Chamber of Deputies to approve the law that has already been passed by Senate.



Old /closed petitions

ARGOS 1:  Ask Argos to stop supporting the use of animals for entertainment purposes

New South Wales:

Ban Greyhound Racing For Good

Close Hall Green Greyhound Stadium

Outlaw the use of contaminated meat for the feed of greyhounds used for racing

Stop SCHOOL TRIPS to greyhound tracks

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