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'Bad news' archive


RIP and run free Bobby, who lost his life in Feb 2016 on the operating table whilst undergoing surgery on his shattered leg, suffered during a trial at Askern, Doncaster. His trainer made him walk on this leg, dragging him away to the vets to be killed. However, Brimingham Greyhound Protection group were alerted, took him, and tried to save him, but sadly his heart could not cope.  Source: Birmingham Greyhound Protection; Caged Northwest..


RIP and run free Petal, a greyhound who was killed and dumped like rubbish in Lancaster in Jan 2016. Her right ear had been cut off to remove her racing ID tattoo. 


RIP and run free Coolavanny Tyson who, aged less than 3 years old, was destroyed after sustaining an injury at Nottingham greyhound track, UK, on 3 Aug 2015. He was owned by syndicate "The Legends". His trainer was Charlie Lister. Another innocent greyhound's life lost unneccesarily. Source: Caged Northwest..


3 dogs fall and injured in one race at Newcastle Greyhound Stadium, UK on 30 July 2015. The broadcast was cut short but the industry's racing comments show that Armchair Rgeetee did not finish, Nyla Edson finished 'at distance' as did Banana Fille. Source: Greyt Exploitations.

We may never now what happened to these innocent dogs because the industry gets away with hiding its statistics for injuries and deaths. It also gets away with murder.


RIP and run free the greyhound (name currently unknown) who was found washed up with his ears hacked off in a Northern Irish river on 24th June 2015. Racing dogs have their ears tattooed as a form of ID.


RIP and run free, Woody's Angel - fell and destroyed at Newcastle on 23rd June 2015.. 


RIP and run free, Armchair Piemiss - killed by lethal injection after sustaining a broken hock at Brighton & Hove dog track on 6th May 2015. Broken hock injuries tend to be treatable yet this girl was destroyed...


RIP and run free, Karma Cause - killed by the track 'vet' at Belle Vue dog track on 6th May 2015 after sustaining a bad injury. 

'Good news' archive

Aug 2016: Hall Green Greyhound Stadium in Birmingham UK to be redeveloped for housing

Aug 2016: Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium to be redeveloped and replaced by a real sport - football! (Wimbledon AFC)

The recent petition set up by Greyt Exploitations to force the industry's (self regulated) governing body to publish injury figures has over 13,000 signatures as of Aug 2016.  



10 Dec 2015.  Merton Council approve that Wimbledon football club return to their original home. This marks the end of commercial greyhound racing in London!


21 Nov 2015: ​Double success for the SDBV demo group in Manchester. First a lovely couple decided not to go into the stadium after reading the leaflets, and then a lovely chap refused to go in even though his friends still went in - and he even gave a donation to the campaign.  Well done SDBV!

Please note, the Greyhounds are for Life site is run by volunteers in their own time, and of their own volition.  This is in stark contrast to the many greyhounds who we believe are coerced to race and usually doomed to a short life in kennels with little or no comfort or compassion.

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