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Boycotting the baddies

In conjuction with our friends at 'CHEF (Campaign for Humane and Ethical Fundraising',  and other more established awareness groups, we are keeping track of those (other than the industry itself) who are making a profit out of animal cruelty via greyhound racing


We and our families have made firm commitments to boycott any company, group or organisation that, despite being informed of the inherent cruelty involved, either promotes or partakes in commercial greyhound racing.


We will 'name and shame' such organisations on this page. Of course, if any do have a change of heart for whatever reason, we will thank them, and update you, here.



A giant retailer on the high-street and online, Argos (together with 'Homebase' and ' Habitat') is part of the Home Retail Group. Argos have been promoting 'a night at the dogs' amongst their gifts section. Although they have removed this offer online, it remains available in-store, and Argos refuse to confirm whether the withdrawal of this 'offer' online is a permanent move. So, no more shopping at Argos (or Homebase or Habitat) for us!  Please sign this petition that was set up by major UK campaign group 'Caged Northwest' who are also organising and supporting a series of national demos outside Argos stores up and down the UK, the first of which took place over the weekend of the 5th and 6th Sept 2015 - click here for info - it is envisaged that peaceful demos will continue for the foreseeable future until Argos have a heart and cease supporting animal cruelty.

Last update 3 Nov 2015



Kleeneze is one of the longest-running home shopping companies in Britain - selling on your doorsteps and online. Why on earth they need to 'branch out' into animal cruelty, with their offer of 'a night at the dogs' in the gifts section of K Life catalogues, we don't know. Having said that, we couldn't find any indication that their cleaning products are cruely free. 

Offer still 'live' as of 3 Nov 2015

Last update 3 Nov 2015

Wave 105 (radio station)


With almost 200,000 followers on facebook, Wave 105 radio station has a large coverage in the south of England. The station's website lists 'Poole Greyhounds - Lets go Racing' in the 'Places to Visit' section, describing it as "a fun night out for all the family". We beg to differ, and so do the thousands of dogs who are forced into this hateful industry and/or slaughtered because of it. The station has been asked on many occasions to stop promoting this but we and other campaigners have been met with nothing but silence.

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