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Ban Greyhound Racing

in the UK


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About this site

We hope this site will serve as a convenient whistlestop resource for those wishing to learn about, and wanting to help, the most magnificent dog we love and admire, both as intelligent beings and as loving pets... the humble greyhound. 


We aim to provide information about ongoing anti-racing awareness campaigns in the UK and internationally. We will list current petitions which are of direct relevance to the welfare of greyhounds, including a 'petition of the week' (bottom of page). We will keep you informed about UK demos.  We will regularly update a brief 'latest news' section (see below on the right). You can find a selection of UK greyhound rescue groups on the 'sofa seekers' page. And you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


​We want to...


Wake up the world... by helping to raise awareness around the globe regarding the truth behind the race tracks.


Speak up for greys... to be a voice for greyhounds around the globe by sharing petitions, protest dates, and other related events

​Why are we so 'anti'?


Exploitation - we feel that commercial greyhound racing is undoubtedly an exploitative indusry. It overbreeds dogs in search of 'winners', it culls pups who are deemed unsuitable for racing, and it kills dogs who sustain injuries even though many of those injuries are treatable.


Voices - racing greyhounds have weak welfare rights to say the least. They can be bought, sold, exported, over-bred, used for vivisection, killed with a bolt gun to the head by people untrained to use one. They are largely viewed as commodities by the industry. But they are sweet, sensitive, affectionate and funny companions - just like any breed of dog - and they need our voice.


Information - many people who bet on the dogs, or visit the tracks for a meal or event, are oblivious to these issues. We want to help inform them.


Love - the industry claims to love the dogs. Don't bet on it! In many cases, it casts these dogs aside like garbage to make way for fresh, faster money-making machines. Those who campaign against the industry are the ones who truly love greyhounds... for life, not just for racing...

                                       ...In fact, not for racing at all.

Ban greyhound racing in the UK
Latest bad news


Horror as greyhound thrown into North Sea (Nov 2017)

The police and RSPCA asked for witnesses, or anyone with information, to contact them after a man was pictured throwing a greyhound into rough seas at Hartlepool in the north-east of England.

RIP the Dorset Seven (Oct 2017)

Former greyhound trainer Eve Blanchard, who raced dogs at Poole Greyhound Stadium, kept dogs in horrific conditions at the kennels ​in her rear garden in Dorset, UK. Rather than allowing a number of dogs to go to a reputable rescue (Birmingham Greyhound Protection) she had the dogs killed. Full story here.

Greyhound exports: Pakistan

Greyhounds found being kept in atrocious conditions on north-east allotment (Sept 2017)

Greyhound trainer Mrs Pat Simpson had her licence suspended by the GBGB after 14 greyhounds were discovered being kept in horrific conditions on an allotment in Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne & Wear, UK. Three of the dogs were released to 'GRACE' greyhound rescue and 11 to the RSPCA. Full details of the exposure by Caged Nationwide can be found here. A write up in north-east newspaper 'The Northern Echo' can be found here.

Greyhound exports: China (May 2017)

Irrefutable evidence that Irish greyhounds, and some who had been used for racing in the UK, are being exported to China for further exploitation including to be used as 'breeding machines'. So far 31 exported greyhounds have been identified. Click on this link for details.

Greyhound exports: Pakistan (March 2017)

Viara Gent was exposed as an exporter of Irish greyhounds to Pakistan, together with Irish trainer Tom O'Dwyer. See here for details.

Latest good news

Another UK track closes (Mildenhall) (Jan 2018)

Australia (Nov 2017)

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Parliament voted to ban greyhound racing in the district from the end of April 2018.

Another UK stadium closes (July 2017)

Dogs were exploited for the last time at Hall Green Greyhound Stadium, as it finally closed for good on 29 July 2017).

Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium shut down for good (March 2017)

The London track was finally closed, to be redeveloped and replaced by a real sport - football! (Wimbledon AFC)

Please note, the Greyhounds are for Life site is run by volunteers in their own time, and of their own volition.  This is in stark contrast to the many greyhounds who we believe are coerced to race and usually doomed to a short life in kennels with little or no comfort or compassion.

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